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Looking for some unique finds? New or next to new clothing? Saw something on Pinterest and can't find it on our site? Chances are we have moved the item to our either our Mercari or Etsy Shop - give them a look today and see what other treasures we have waiting for you!

Check out our affiliate shops on Etsy and Mercari - they are run and maintained by The Bazaar Crew - just on a different platform!

The Bazaar on Mercari 

In our Mercari Shop, you will find home décor and kitchenware that isn't quite yet vintage, as well as our modern day unique finds. We also have an ever growing selection of NEW and Next to New clothing and shoes.

The Bazaar on Etsy

In our Etsy Shop, you will find The Bazaars' Exclusive Retro Inspired Line - we've got t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and mugs! 

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